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In memory

King Solomon

( Carousel's Rip Van Winkle x Kolob Madaline )

King Solomon passed away November 10, 1996. Solomon was a legendary rust & white appaloosa herdsire." He sired 100+ cria in his famous career. He was best known for sharing his wonderful appaloosa looks with his offspring. If you have pictures of any Solomon kids or grandkids, we would love to publish them here. King Solomon will missed by many. His last babies will arrive in 1997.

Lazy B Lil' Miss - King Solomons daughter
Garth Brooks a recent King Solomon son.
Peekaboo a recent King Solomon grandaughter.

Guestbook Comments about King Solomon

Name:Rick Steadham & Karen Sterling
Email:[email protected]
Date:Sunday - 3/Mar/96 - 18:59:08
Comments: Hi Guys,

Really enjoyed your home page. We're very new to the net but are not new to llamas. I think we may have met you at Estes Park last year.
Since you enjoy showing, we hope that you will join us for the New Mexico Spring Fling Llama Show to be held here in Las Vegas, NM the first
weekend in May.
It should be a great show and will be even better if you guys attend.
We also have a King Solomon son, Magi, who you may have heard about. He was the youngest animal in the country to attain the status of
ALSA Champion.
We have seem many other Solomon offspring and have always been impressed with their intelligence and temperament.


Name:Fiona Jucker
Email:[email protected]
Date:Wednesday - 7/Feb/96 - 16:53:28
Comments: Just acquired my first two llamas, both grandchildren of King Solomon!

Name:Dave & Lillian Beck
Email:[email protected]
Date:Saturday - 3/Feb/96 - 20:01:13
Referred from:Llama-Alpaca List
Comments: We raise/breed llama's and was surprised to see King Solomon's home listed here.
We have one of his grandsons - "Mister Vegas". [King Solomon and Beau's Delight]
He is son of Langis' Solomon Seal and PPR Reno.
He is 10 months old and has many of the coloring and size of King Solomon.

We are "Kent Rock Meadows", located in Loganville, Ga. - East of Atlanta.

Name:Dr. Susan M. Hengemuehle, DVM
Email:[email protected]
Date:Wednesday - 7/Feb/96 - 7:32:50
Referred from:Just Surfed On In!
Comments: Hello there! Great web site! I am a veterinarian in Okemos,Michigan (near Lansing) and am new to llamas and surfing. I was delighted to see a picture of King Solomom as he is the grandfather of my male Susannah's Suspense (Quantum Leap X Solomon's Susannah). I purchased two llamas last October (a male and a female) initially so that I could learn more about medicine and surgery of camilids. Since then, I have found them to be great pets too. I am trying to gather all of the medical information that I can on llamas because there are a lot of them in our area and none of the local vets want to work on them. Any information that you can provide on seminars, llama veterinarians or llama owners that can provide any information on any llama related medical topic would be greatly appreciated. I've tried to attend all of the seminars that I could find dealing with llamas, but there don't seem to be many offered (compared to equine seminars. My current practice is 90% horses.) Also, any information on training llamas for packing would be welcome. My two love to go for walks in the woods and I would like to teach them to carry packs and take them camping out west sometime.Thanks in advance for your help. I would love to visit your farm next time I'm in Colorado.


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